Incomp is the angelic helping hand that comes to the rescue of those looking for jobs, job seekers, employers, a team, and more. Incomp works in 3 different ways;

For the Talent, we filter the opportunities to get you placed in a company where your skills match perfectly.

For the Employer, we refine the skill sets after our experts go through the profile to provide you with one-shot, perfect candidates who can help your business flourish.

For the Consultant, we have our almanack of talents and talent seekers.

For Client (Employer)

We find the best fit for your business in a quick turnaround time.

We’ve got the ‘eagle eye’ when it comes to the search for talent. With a perfect blend of technology and human intelligence, we help you find the perfect Talent/Consultant who contributes to your business goals and work towards the success of your company. 

The eagle takes off only after thorough research. We value your work and thus make sure to know your needs in and out. Based on your company, culture and competence, we start stretching our wings. The process of finding the perfect candidate might be a tiresome for many but never for Incomp, thanks to our wide network, peerless database and smart search tactics. Our strong grip on the job market helps us filter out the right skills for your needs.

Are you struggling to build a team for your startup? We’ve got you covered. Try our services, we’ll provide you with an entire team of multi-skilled consultants to kick start your business. So in short, if your company is looking for talent, pass it on to us and chill. The right talent will be at your door, be it a fresh graduate or a top-level recruit.


  • To provide the best choice of solution based on changing needs of businesses and job seekers
  • Placements based on skillsets for more reliable and improved productivity
  • Develop a complete database of skillsets and talent seekers to ensure profitable employment opportunities


Revolutionise the realm of job and job opportunities

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