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Where do you fit in?


Incomp can find you the perfect job!

So, which part of the world are you planning to go to work?

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Looking for a sharp talent?

Pass on your skillset requirements to us. When it’s done, sit back and relax!

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Why Choose us

  1. Rate Transparency 
  2. Onsite or Flexible Remote Work
  3. Prompt Payment 
  4. Retention Bonus
  5. Referral Bonus
  6. Additional benefits for full-time employees
  7. Training
  1. Detailed Consultant background checks
  2. Online interviews
  3. Consultant reference checks upon confirmation
  4. Quarterly business review
  5. Account Executive; Point of contact for any escalations
  6. Hourly resources or fix priced project works
  7. Full-time, part-time, offshore, nearshore or onsite resources

About us

For over a decade, we’ve been bridging talent and opportunities around the world. A perfect blend of technology and human intelligence is what makes Incomp stand out. Metaphorically, we work with both sides of the coin.

If you are a consultant, looking for opportunities, we can get you placed in a great company where you can make the most of your skillsets.

If you’re the other side of the coin, looking for talent, we refine talent skillsets to provide you with the right candidate who can contribute a great deal in taking your company/business to the next level. 

Let’s get to work!

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